About Us

Hello, I am Nicole Friend and I am the founder of Niclordesigns.

Niclor is a black-owned sustainable line of luxury drawstring backpacks. We offer an innovative product not seen anywhere else on the market and strive to be a one-of-a kind business. As a lover of art, I am dedicated to delivering unique products!

I was raised in both Philadelphia & York, Pennsylvania and am a fourth-generation seamstress and designer, I suspect that designing is in my blood! I have always loved fashion ever since I was introduced to the fashion world by my mother. My sewing abilities have translated into me winning first place in a sewing contest!

Niclor was founded in 2021, after I had a vision in 2019 of a line of luxury, urban & classy drawstring backpacks. Over the course of two years, I meticulously planned and designed my first-ever collection of bags.

I am so proud that my bags are made in Philadelphia, being created with sustainable materials found locally. I am excited to offer you edgy, bold, and creative designs for those who desire hands-free accessories. Our bags are great for a variety of occasions whether it be a night out, a business meeting, or running some errands. We have versatile designs created just for you!

I hope you enjoy my collections!

Nicole Friend


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Niclor model carrying the Cream Faux  Drawstring Backpack. Niclor is an online luxury drawstring bags store offering a wide variety of custom bags at affordable prices.

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